Archetypes and Expression

Being as One. I want to feel as though I fit in every place, because where I am, how I see it, is a projection of myself. 

I was looking at the archetypes and I saw that I could identify with each one at some point in my life. 

I then looked at the underlying themes: connect with others, make a mark on the world, yearn for paradise, and provide structure in the world.

It seems as though, being as One, would accomplish all four of those underlying themes, simply by being and doing in accordance with All.

Connecting with others is a matter of being authentic and not letting fear or doubt outweigh the curiosity of knowing and interacting with others.

Making a mark on the world is a matter of being at the right place at the right time and taking the right action. It’s okay to be the first one standing or the last one standing. Nobody else is remembered.

Yearning for paradise, understanding how people are and knowing how we can be, and striving for the best in human nature. Follow your own beliefs and be who you are, be it that it harms none. That’s not to say that you’ll never make a wrong decision, but you will be mindful of how your actions and words impact others.

Providing structure in the world, this comes from inspiration, joy, compassion, and evidence. To create is to put Oneself into the world, to express, to do, to be, to shape One’s reality.


Ancient Psychology

Ancient Psychology

I’ve been studying mysticism, occult, archetypes, perception, and society at large for some time now. I look at reoccurring themes in my own life as well as family themes, fads and trends on social media, and I see how the pieces fit together. 

I’ve endured a lot and I see such depth, such capacity, of what humans are and what they can be. 

For many years, I took the role of warrior and wounded healer. Those archetypes served me well, but it is time to change the narrative. 

Seeing what we as humans do to ourselves and each other, it is disheartening. There is so much needless suffering in our lives. But that doesn’t define who we are. It’s just a part of the narrative.

This story isn’t about what happened to you. This story is about who you are and how you handle yourself moment to moment.

Life is spontaneous, beautiful, and chaotic. And each person has their own unique version of the world. 

As for me, I shall change the paradigm. I am no longer a warrior nor a wounded healer.

I am an explorer, braving this strange frontier and making my own way through the world.

Waking Up to Self

As I let go of the pain that has passed down for many generations, I wake up to my Self.

I locked my Self away for safe keeping, long ago.

I’ve been having feelings of fear in relation to putting myself out more in the world. I feel like my heart is an open wound. I reach out and then I retreat for a while. 

I’m wanting to feel more comfortable being myself and being with others.

I over think. I rush. I judge myself. 

Basically, I need to chill out. I am causing myself stress. 

This whole “living fully” thing is no joke. And yet it is. 😛 Aargh!