Making Space

What do you think of when I ask, what do you make space for?

In order to have things in our lives, we must make space for them. 

Relationships, ideas, beliefs, feelings, they all need space to grow.

It is a good idea to step back sometimes and truly evaluate your usage of space in your life. 

How do your beliefs, feelings, and relationships affect you as a human being? 

Do you find fulfilment in your beliefs, feelings, and relationships?

What should you make space for to improve the quality of your life?

What should you remove from your space to improve your quality of life?


Who Are You?

Who are you, who would drink my life and smoke my herb? Who are you, who would trample my garden?

When I see you, I see a sentient Being in a meat suit. Same as me.

What is your sentience about? Are you here to create or destroy? To show compassion or intolerance? To be yourself or to conform?

What do you give the world and what do you take from It?

Beneath the surface, who are you really? Because that’s who I want to know.

Effects of Institutionalization

The last real kind of friendship I had was when I was institutionalized for weeks and months on end as a teenager. This went on for years.

On one side, there are the people with debilitating mental illness where they’ve disconnected from the world or from themself. And then there are those who managed to survive whatever it was that broke them.

We came from all walks of life. Some of us were teenagers who never really stood a chance. Some were 20 and 30 somethings who were tired of playing the game. Others were burnt out elders who were tired of seeing people destroy themselves.

I got used to having very short but intense friendships. It’s how I endured for so long.

Outside of that time and place, it’s like I don’t know how to be. In the past, there was something that tied us together. It was a kinship of sorts and now, I just feel alone around people.