Art Therapy 

I drew this while thinking about “core issues”, just mapping out feelings. I’ll dissect this in therapy and maybe write a quick synopsis afterward.

Sometimes there aren’t words for things, so drawing or music helps fill it in.


A Healthy View

I don’t like the term “mental illness”.

That label makes it sound like there is something inherently wrong with a person.

Each person has their unique interpretation of the world.

Some people feel deeply. They are moved to despair when they see how many people are treated as though they have little to no worth.

Why would someone treat anyone as though they are worthless?

Some people day dream or ruminate about the big questions in life. Why are we are here? What is the point of all of this? Where are we heading as a species?

Anyone with observation skills has a lot to think about.

Then there are the trickier manifestations of coping (usually in response to some sort of trauma or deep realization) such as hallucinations, delusions, and dissociative states.

Anyone who deviates from imposed ways of thinking and being, who finds it difficult to be part of a society so polarized, so heavily influenced, that the majority of people live as though they’re asleep, is labeled as mentally ill.

From what I can see, the way we view the world gives us clues about what to look at more closely. It presents ideas to explore, paths to take, to find that peace and find our way back to reclamation. 

Reclaiming our own thoughts and actions (taking responsibility) and putting ourselves into the world in a meaningful way.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. Suffering is never easy. But by looking at your symptoms as clues, rather than illness, you can begin investigating the parts of your life that need attention.

Healing starts with you and me. Heal yourself, heal society.