What is Love?

I think that some people have this distorted view of love that was impressed upon them through the relationships they’ve witnessed (any couples who were a part of their lives growing up, friendships, even seeing how adults treat other people in general…love can be present or absent anywhere) as well as the relationships they’ve been taught to idealize  (through movies, books, television, and other institutions).

A person is always in relation to something or someone else. 

How we interact can be constructive or destructive to ourselves and to others.

The destructive person removes responsibility from their relationship.

They don’t feel responsible for their own actions, their own state of being, or how they affect the world around them.

This is the person who blames other people for their own suffering. 

They externalize their destruction, rather than owning it and using it to build something better.

Construction comes from a place of love.

All people suffer. And as a result, all people have destructive thoughts and actions.

A person who owns their own destructive thoughts and actions is able to construct views and reality in a way that causes less suffering to the Self and to others.

I consider taking responsibility for Oneself as an act of compassion in itself. 

It is a path to healing, a path more people need to take.

Love isn’t just some state of feeling. 

Love is acting in One’s own best interest, and the interest of others.

It isn’t static in the sense that a person always feels loving. Imagine how exhausting that would be!!

It’s more like: love is always accessible, you just have to tap into it, put it into what you do or say, and there it is.


Life Path

At some point, man becomes conscious.

As he looks ahead, he sees the paths of those who have gone before him.

Two paths diverge, representing polarity, duality, opposites. Most travelers pick one of these paths, as likely their parents did, and their parents before them.

To choose division is to give up one’s power in favor of the mob mentality.

A far more difficult but rewarding path rises up between the divided roads.

This path is for the courageous, the ones who want to actively create a better reality for themselves.

It means taking responsibility, being aware, and acting in one’s own best interest, as well as being there for fellow travelers.

Which path will he choose?

The Frog’s Journey

There once was a frog who loved to sing, dance, and play.

He was so full of energy and life, but the other frogs began turning him away.

Getting lonesome, he wandered deep into the woods, in search of a friend.

But there was no one who would play with the frog.

“You’re just a frog.” They’d say.

The frog kept going deeper into the woods, and it began to rain.

He sought shelter beneath a rock that stuck out of a small hill.

It rained. It poured. He thought it might never stop.

He waited and waited.

Then suddenly, the rock slid down the hill and trapped the frog in the mud.

“I’m going to die here!” moaned the frog.

He squirmed and wiggled, he fought as hard as he could. But the more he struggled, the more he became stuck in the mud.

Eventually the rain began to let up and he noticed a raven in the distance, hopping along the ground.

The frog cried out for help, but it was no use. The raven didn’t seem to hear him.

It was then that the frog noticed a wolf getting ready to pounce the raven.

“Watch out!” the frog called out to the raven, to no avail.

The frog closed his eyes because he couldn’t watch.


*tumbling through the leaves*


The frog opened his eyes to see the raven and wolf playing!

It moved his heart to see them so freely expressing themselves and having fun.

By now the rain had stopped, the sun was shining again, and the mud was beginning to dry.

They weren’t  a wolf and a raven in that moment, they were just two souls having a good time!

The wolf pranced and the raven dove, a dance of sorts. And as they did, the frog found himself uplifted and he began to dance too.

He slowly shook off the cracking mud and crawled out from beneath the rock.

From that day forward, the frog sang, danced, and played, no matter what anyone else said. For he was never “just a frog” again.