Unknowing Myself

I don’t know how to define myself, but I want to try. Who am I and what is my experience like?

I’m a sentient being who happens to be human. 

I’m this collection of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and knowledge, encapsulated in flesh.

My personality is unknowable to me. As far as I can tell, I am made up of many components. These components configure in any number of ways at any given time, and that is who I am at the moment. I think this is actually true of all people. [Multiple Aspects of Self Framework].

I have multiple views at any given time, which can be distracting when I need to do something, but otherwise is very engaging and insightful for me.

Most of the time, I feel like a part of my surroundings and I am absorbed in thoughts or daydreams.

I feel at peace when I am alone and am seldom lonely.

I am never bored.

Sometimes I need a break from sensory input and will take a rest away from people, sound, lights, etc.

I am aware of my feelings, but am distant from them. But when I am alone, I allow myself to feel, and I feel deeply.

I very much want to see my species continue to evolve. I want to see us live by the creed of evidence and compassion.

I feel at home in my head space and out of my element around people.

Does it matter who I am?

There’s stillness within and stillness without.

Why don’t I move from the stillness?


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