It Doesn’t Have To Be a No Win Situation

As far as I can see, the United States has entered into the No Win Situation of the century. 

Trump is picking who he wants in the White House, and as expected, he is picking people with special interests.

Clinton won the popular vote, and in December, the electorate has the chance to choose her instead of Trump. Afterall, they exist to prevent the rise of someone like Trump.

However, if she is chosen, Trump will play the “it’s rigged” card. Of course, Clinton is owned by Wall Street, so she isn’t the right leader for us. 

If Trump goes to the White house and brings in all of his buddies, I guarantee we will go backwards as a society.

I am looking at us as a society and I see similarities between us and an addict.

An addict can quit whenever they are ready to put in the effort to change their lifestyle. It isn’t the drug or the action they are addicted to (psychologically speaking, drugs can be physically addictive), it is the idea behind it.

The idea of being unwell or incapable. The idea that the situation will never change. The idea that you are powerless to change.

What will our rock bottom be? How unbearable must our lives be before we take responsibility for ourselves?

Politically, we are entering a No Win Situation. But that doesn’t mean you must be complacent. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Claim your birthright to be yourself, to take care of yourself, to express yourself, without second guessing. Put goodness into the world, we need it.

There is no point in being angry with anyone for the situation we find ourselves in, though if you are, it is understandable. Don’t let the media poison your mind.  Love thy neighbor.

If we are to correct our behavior as a society, it starts with people like you and me.


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