Ridiculous Creatures

I have to laugh at how ridiculous we are, as human beings.

Americans are being steered by the media like cattle, to see the worst in each other.

You are my neighbor. We should have respect for one another, not fear.

You are my family, and I would never want to see you suffer.

I wonder, what would society look like if no person was exploited? How would we live if we took care of ourselves and our future?

What would it be like to have respect for our culture, our values, our lives, our knowledge, our world?

What would it be like to honor Nature, because we are a part of Nature? 

What would it be like to realize our suffering is everyone’s suffering? 

Your cry is my cry.

We are all just human beings, doing what we do; stumbling blindly across the earth and destroying everything in our wake.

Will the sleeping giant (humanity) wake?

 Will all the anger and the tension lead to much needed introspection?

Will war be waged through the media or are the people so beaten down and tired, that they’ll click like and scroll past?

It doesn’t matter. 

Wake or sleep. Evolution or extinction.

Our solar system is but a blip in time, and we’re angry over imaginary problems while a greedy, clinically insane elite destroy the planet and our way of life.

If I didn’t laugh at our own absurdity, I’d cry.


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