On Behalf of Ourselves

​As we get closer to the election, I can’t help but notice a cognitive dissonance amongst most people.

I’ve never seen so much anxiety and frustration in so many people. I imagine these feelings are similar to the tensions felt during the time of civil liberties and perhaps even what preceded the attempted secession of the South. 

Families and friends are at each other’s throats, or they simply don’t talk about it.

The commonalities I’ve found amongst all groups of supporters: Most supporters of Trump or Clinton (if you can get them one on one and speak reasonably) actually want what is best for the nation.

Both sides have valid concerns. Both sides see a need for change. The two party system is designed to divide and conquer through the illusion of choice about issues that would not be issues in an enlightened society.

So what we all have in common is the desire to see change, yet we are entertaining the idea of electing either of these crooks, who will say whatever they need to say to their target audience for votes.

Nobody is discussing the obvious solution: act on behalf of ourselves.
If you are one of the people who sees a need for change, you must be committed to seeing that change through yourself.

No one is going to save us. No one is going to fix your life or fix the system. 

That is up to each individual.


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