Go Forth

Go Forth.

Be an active participant in your own reality.

The world shapes you and you shape the world.


It Doesn’t Have To Be a No Win Situation

As far as I can see, the United States has entered into the No Win Situation of the century. 

Trump is picking who he wants in the White House, and as expected, he is picking people with special interests.

Clinton won the popular vote, and in December, the electorate has the chance to choose her instead of Trump. Afterall, they exist to prevent the rise of someone like Trump.

However, if she is chosen, Trump will play the “it’s rigged” card. Of course, Clinton is owned by Wall Street, so she isn’t the right leader for us. 

If Trump goes to the White house and brings in all of his buddies, I guarantee we will go backwards as a society.

I am looking at us as a society and I see similarities between us and an addict.

An addict can quit whenever they are ready to put in the effort to change their lifestyle. It isn’t the drug or the action they are addicted to (psychologically speaking, drugs can be physically addictive), it is the idea behind it.

The idea of being unwell or incapable. The idea that the situation will never change. The idea that you are powerless to change.

What will our rock bottom be? How unbearable must our lives be before we take responsibility for ourselves?

Politically, we are entering a No Win Situation. But that doesn’t mean you must be complacent. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Claim your birthright to be yourself, to take care of yourself, to express yourself, without second guessing. Put goodness into the world, we need it.

There is no point in being angry with anyone for the situation we find ourselves in, though if you are, it is understandable. Don’t let the media poison your mind.  Love thy neighbor.

If we are to correct our behavior as a society, it starts with people like you and me.

Ridiculous Creatures

I have to laugh at how ridiculous we are, as human beings.

Americans are being steered by the media like cattle, to see the worst in each other.

You are my neighbor. We should have respect for one another, not fear.

You are my family, and I would never want to see you suffer.

I wonder, what would society look like if no person was exploited? How would we live if we took care of ourselves and our future?

What would it be like to have respect for our culture, our values, our lives, our knowledge, our world?

What would it be like to honor Nature, because we are a part of Nature? 

What would it be like to realize our suffering is everyone’s suffering? 

Your cry is my cry.

We are all just human beings, doing what we do; stumbling blindly across the earth and destroying everything in our wake.

Will the sleeping giant (humanity) wake?

 Will all the anger and the tension lead to much needed introspection?

Will war be waged through the media or are the people so beaten down and tired, that they’ll click like and scroll past?

It doesn’t matter. 

Wake or sleep. Evolution or extinction.

Our solar system is but a blip in time, and we’re angry over imaginary problems while a greedy, clinically insane elite destroy the planet and our way of life.

If I didn’t laugh at our own absurdity, I’d cry.

Don’t Despair

In the United States, the situation is scary right now.

What will it take to wake up Americans? 

Do we need someone like Hitler to be the catalyst for change? Do we need to be submerged in more debt incurred by an inept government who works for Big Business?

I don’t have the answer for that, but we’ll know soon enough.

What I can say, is, people are angry. 

There’s this tension surrounding the desire and need to change.

Are we ready for change? 

Things will be changing, one way or another, and it is in everyone’s best interest to take a deep breath and remember: we are in this together.

This isn’t Us verses Them. This is about us choosing the future we want for ourselves.

This is about acknowledging our roles as co-creators and taking the initiative to be well and do well.

We can choose to keep passing this responsibility to those who would abuse us, or we can take ownership and be a better society.

Nothing is set in stone.

On Behalf of Ourselves

​As we get closer to the election, I can’t help but notice a cognitive dissonance amongst most people.

I’ve never seen so much anxiety and frustration in so many people. I imagine these feelings are similar to the tensions felt during the time of civil liberties and perhaps even what preceded the attempted secession of the South. 

Families and friends are at each other’s throats, or they simply don’t talk about it.

The commonalities I’ve found amongst all groups of supporters: Most supporters of Trump or Clinton (if you can get them one on one and speak reasonably) actually want what is best for the nation.

Both sides have valid concerns. Both sides see a need for change. The two party system is designed to divide and conquer through the illusion of choice about issues that would not be issues in an enlightened society.

So what we all have in common is the desire to see change, yet we are entertaining the idea of electing either of these crooks, who will say whatever they need to say to their target audience for votes.

Nobody is discussing the obvious solution: act on behalf of ourselves.
If you are one of the people who sees a need for change, you must be committed to seeing that change through yourself.

No one is going to save us. No one is going to fix your life or fix the system. 

That is up to each individual.

Facing the Truth


Facing the truth can be difficult.  I speak from experience.

You and I did not choose to have the complications in life that we have, but we have chosen how we respond to our circumstances.

You and I did not choose to be born into a society with a corrupt and failing political system, but here we are.

How do we handle this?

I have loved ones who support Mrs. Clinton, loved ones who support Mr. Trump, and loved ones who see our actual choice: A criminal or a criminal.

They both lie.  They both steal.  They both say what they need to say in order to appeal to their intended audience.  They both could be in prison after this election is over.

There are people facepalming themselves across the world, going, what the fuck?

Big businesses own our government.  The leaders they are proposing ARE UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and should not even be considered for the job of HEADING OUR NATION.

Having a criminal record or impending investigations typically disqualify people from getting jobs, getting loans, and getting financial aid for college, so why on earth would we consider electing EITHER of them?

I would wager that political tensions have not been this high in the United States since the South wanted to leave the U.S.A.

Ask yourselves, who would profit from a civil war?

The military-industrial-complex would benefit after Marshall Law is declared.  Private prison companies will benefit.  Paramilitary companies would profit.  The steel industry.

Then as we build ourselves back up, the major construction companies would profit hugely.  Textiles, mass food production.

Is that what you want?  Do you want us to tear ourselves apart, suffer needlessly, so big companies can profit off of our pain and suffering?

I imagine a society where a board of educators, social workers, psychologists, engineers, scientists, and medical doctors work together to identify social ills, infrastructure issues, through observation, to make decisions based on evidence and compassion.

I imagine a society with laws and consequences based on evidence and compassion.  A society which encourages curiosity, autonomy, responsibility, and respect.

Can you imagine that? A society which lives well and doesn’t exploit others to do so.  Wow.  Such a novel concept.

But look at our current reality in the United States:

The two party system is literally designed to divide and conquer, and it has worked perfectly in many countries for countless years.  Society is aware that there is something wrong, but is not sure what to do about it.

If we choose to elect either criminal for president, we will deserve whatever happens to us.  If we choose to act on behalf of ourselves, just think of the possibilities.

The truth is, our system has been broken for decades, but technology has exposed it for what it is.  It is a lot to handle.

The good news is this: We can choose to hold ourselves, the government, and big business accountable whenever we are ready.

Don’t be angry, be responsible.

We are all co-creators of our reality.  Choose to live the life you want, not the one that is forced on you.