Why Self-exploration Is Important

There is a HUGE variable which we have not been able to account for in the sciences, and that is the variable of perception.

We all know observation affects the behavior of what is being observed.

The Self is a tool of measurement. We measure reality through our senses, which is then processed by the brain, which filters everything based on knowledge and experience.

So, know thyself.

Think about all of the things that have influenced who you are; dietary choices, lifestyle, mood, attitude, upbringing, beliefs, expectations, socialization, peer pressure, conformity, institutionalized education, media, how you’ve been treated, your family dynamics, relationships, etc.

Know how who you are shapes your view of the world and your view of yourself.

Most of the issues we face individually and as a collective, can be handled better by simply changing how we view things. (ie. seeing something that no longer serves its function and replacing it with something that works, rather than accepting dysfunction.)

Pretty simple, right? When you’re able to hone in on priorities (your actual priorities, not the ones that have been forced on you), it helps to brush away the nonsense being fed to you by unsolicited sources. 

When you can acknowledge your own biases and the biases of others, you’ll see the bigger picture of what is actually occurring in reality.

When you can see the bigger picture, it then becomes clearer that you and I have the choice to be how we are. And if we do not like how we are living, we can change that at any time.

The collective is the sum of individuals. If more individuals choose to have higher standards of living, eventually, it’ll be a collective change.


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