Imagine being among the first creatures to emerge from the ocean and see stars for the first time. Feeling wind caress your flesh, the chill of the night, and later witnessing the sun rise and feeling it’s warmth.

You have no way to communicate this experience to those still in the ocean, they have to experience it for themselves.

The most anyone can do is invite an ocean dweller to peek at the sky, and hope their curiousity outweighs their fear.

For it is curiousity that drives the human spirit, to search for more, to explore the unknown, to understand and apply knowledge, to make progress, so that we may keep evolving.

Even though things seem bleak, I believe the human spirit will persevere.

I don’t know what it will take for people to take responsibility for co-creating society, but rest assured, change is in the works.

These are uncertain times for many people. The tension is thick. Many are frustrated. 

You can see it in the road rage, the mass shootings, the use of drugs.

Symptoms of social illness have been around for a long time, but we choose to ignore it.

We hit a saturation point some time ago, something will give. Society doesn’t have to collapse for there to be change.

We could do it at any time. By choosing love over fear. By choosing compassion over suffering. By letting go of the ideas that don’t work, in order to let in new ideas. By imagining a future worth having.

Can you imagine?


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