Internal / External

I found this explanation of awareness through consensual reality (external) and inner world (internal) that I made about a year ago. 

It says: z can exist in I and II, but only have awareness in one at a time. I = consensual reality, II = inner world or dream world. The more z spends in one sphere, the more they are unable to function well in the other. z = self.

Basically, I feel like I am in one or the other at any given time. I take this into account when looking at my social preferences. 

I then added another concept:

What if it isn’t truly internal and external? What if we exist in a spectrum and nothing is truly one or the other? Is this what we call Oneness or No-thingness?

Where does reality end and perception begin?

Where does the “I” exist?

Just some things to ponder.


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