Mostly in the Mind

If I had to estimate the percentage of our problems existing within our minds, I’d say roughly 90-95%.

Take that in for a moment. 90% or more of our problems, exist within our minds.

It is our belief that keeps us where we’re at. If I believe I am supposed to behave a certain way, if I don’t measure up to that belief, then I am somehow “less than”.

If a person is given unrealistic expectations, low standards of living, and is forced to conform through the socialization process, then that is all they know. That is all the believe.

As soon as a baby is born, it is placed into many boxes: sex, ethnicity, country, social class, etc. and that baby is raised in those boxes with those views.

As a thinking person with free will, you can step outside of those boxes in which you were placed. You can see the world with fresh eyes and gain new perspective.

What does it mean to be (insert race)? What does it mean to be male, female, or nonbinary? How has your life been effected by these expectations placed upon you? What have you given up over the years? How many times have you wanted to share something with someone but held back because you felt ashamed or judged? How many times have you been shut down in the class room because you were simply curious? How often do you look around you and wonder what the hell we’re all doing?

I’m a human. You’re a human. We’re all inhabitants of this lovely planet, which we are mindlessly blundering across and destroying everything in our path.

Why are we doing this? There’s no Earth 2.0 to live on when we make this planet uninhabitable. Do you understand that? If you understand that and I understand that, then what is our excuse for continuing to live unsustainably?

What excuse is there to allow the exploitation of people, animals, and our home, in the name of profit? How can we treat each other this way?

Borders are a man made concept. Currency is a man made concept. Our forms of government are a man made concept.

We live as we do because we are told it is okay and we are encouraged to do it so a few people can get rich off their imaginary currency, which ultimately is used to enslave us all.

If you break down all of the problems in society and the degradation of the family unit, it comes down to: people let a minority of others exploit us all.

We’re apathetic to it because we have been living in our boxes and have been desensitized to all the suffering our way of life causes.

All of these things exist within our minds. 

It is therefore, everyone’s responsibility to break out of these thinking patterns in order to imagine a better future and make it happen.

What does a better future look like to you?

To me, I see a society which takes action to be healthy, happy, and make progress as a species. 

Evolution is the way to go. For now, we are on the path to self-destruction.

The human spirit is strong. It endures and gives me hope that more people will wake up to the fact that it is up to ordinary people to do extraordinary things so that we all may have a future worth living for.


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