Compassion From a Distance

I’ve been interacting a lot more with people in a meaningful way.

Yet I find the more I know someone, the more distant I become.

Why is that, I wonder.

As I continue actualizing my own potential, I am understanding the human condition more. This condition and this human spirit, it makes me feel connected to our plight as a species. 

Do you see the way that you suffer? The small indignities during conversations, the exploitation of your trust by marketing agencies, government, and media; the blatant deception by those in power, the people you and I put into office, they sold us out.

Do you see that many of our FDA approved foods and beverages make us sick? Do you see that many FDA approved drugs only treat symptoms and we just stay sick?

Do you see the educational system failing children, and systematically dumbing us down one generation at a time?

Do you see how our demands exploit the working poor in other countries? Do you see the cause of refugees is that we vote for people who have been bought by war profiteers?

If you put together all of the pieces, you’ll see that we need to take better care of ourselves. We need to raise our standards and expect more of ourselves.

This is not the way of life of people who see a worthwhile future for themselves. 

This is a nightmare created by a minority of greedy people who control the resources, and we choose to stay in this system because we have forgotten how to act for ourselves.

We are told to have low standards and expect less, we are taught that we are expendable, and we are expected to be complacent.

The truth is, we need to love ourselves again. We need to dream of a future worth having. We need to ask big questions to get those gears turning. And then we must take responsibility to act on behalf of ourselves.

How can we exist sustainably? How can we treat each other equally and with respect? How can we fuel human progress? 

Let us begin the discussion of our next step as a species. Are you ready to behave as the evolved, sentient being that you are? Are you ready to be brave and be the change society needs? 

I need change. You need change. We’re all in this together.


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