Neurodivergence and Perspective

Perspective makes all the difference in how you experience yourself.

If a person is told how they experience themselves is wrong and they need to be medicated, that person is being invalidated.

I’m not saying we have to respect a person’s delusions or hallucinations, I’m saying we need to respect all people and allow them space to be themselves. 

Not all people labeled with mental illness are shamanic or genius, but they all share similar traits. They think differently and are often misunderstood.

The difference is when a person is recognized to be able to benefit others with their way of thinking, they are nurtured and encouraged to explore their gifts. That doesn’t happen with the stigma of being different.

If we can change our perspective on what it means to think differently, then it would change the outcome for the person experiencing the divergence.

Neurodivergence is a part of evolution.


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