Institution of Man

In earlier posts, I established that most of our problems are imaginary. 

Boundaries, laws, governments, currency, our infrastructure, all of it is entirely man made.

I’ll call the government: institution. The institution which keeps society going, no longer serves society. It’s been such a battle for basic things, like decent roads and an educational system that works, and equal rights.

In an enlightened society, no one should have to lobby for cancer research or to stop a company from fracking. No one should have to fight to be treated equally.

Our institution should be a reflection of society’s interests: good health, quality of life, sustainability, and progress. This means investing in healthier foods and lifestyles, investing in education, investing in society.

The institution is only self interested, and rather than care for society’s needs, it expects society to bend to its will.

The system is an outdated, man-made construct, THAT WE CAN CHANGE ANY TIME WE WANT. Never forget that society is evolving and society has the final say.


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