Balance and Evolution

Do you think our evolution stopped with opposable thumbs? Think again.

Genetic diversity plus the influencing variables (experience, environment, diet, lifestyle, etc.) means that genes are always switching on and off, and new combinations of genes are always coming into being, with every birth.

The longer a species exists, the more it begins to change. The environment is always changing and if a species ceases to adapt, it ceases to exist.

Every major social change is prompted by a change in the thought process. For example, the smoking ban in public places is a matter of decency and health, the passing of marriage equality is about decency and recognition of equal rights. 

When ideas no longer work for society, because society is changing, we change the institution.

What happens when the institution resists? You see presidential races like the US 2016 race. You see the government taking money from big businesses and jeopardizing our health, happiness, and habitat. You see people with extraordinary minds fail out of the educational system.

The fact is, humans are still evolving. Many people suffer because the institution has not caught up with our evolving views and evolving minds (and evolving needs).

Like in any species, when there is a divergence from the “norm”, there is misunderstanding and resulting fear.

Those in power and stuck in the old ways of thought feel threatened. So they label those who are different as bad, mentally ill, disabled, and treat them as though they are somehow less valuable to society. They treat divergent folks as a threat, rather than a different genetic variation. How long will this rouse last, before people realize we aren’t supposed to all fit in the same mold, or any mold for that matter?

Humanity will be evolving as long as our species exists, for if we were to stop evolving, we would die, as 99.9% of species typically do.

We must stop fighting the process of evolution and change our institutions to reflect our growing awareness, knowledge, and responsibility. I fear we have no future if we do not act in our self interest presently.


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