The Social Mold

Do you ever feel like you’ve woken up from a long, strange dream? 

You look around at the state of affairs and wonder what is going on?

Most of our current issues are based on imagination.

There’s no such thing as borders. There is habitable land, uninhabitable land, and a whole lot of ocean. Humans made up borders back when we lived in tribes and small colonies. Humans created territories. They are just symbolic in the sense of resources: we live over here and rely on these bushels and this river and those deer to survive, so please don’t disrupt our way of life. We’d be happy to trade you and help you out during a rough winter or a dry summer, and we’ll respect your way of life too.

Many people are well-meaning, but we have lost this sense of community and respect to our fellow man. A small number of people want to control the resources so they can control the people. And so now there are “sovereign nations” with governments and forced systems of hierarchy which are completely unnatural to our way of life.

All of this nonsense about immigration destroying nations…immigration is what built these nations. The more people there are, the more housing, schools, hospitals, roads, shops, and services are needed. These people bring with them knowledge and experience. More jobs are created. Productivity increases. And when people of diverse backgrounds collaborate, perspectives are added, and creative problem solving ensues.

Look at us, reading the thoughts of people we’ve never even met, because we have globalized through technology. 

Do you understand the potential of being able to pool our collective knowledge and communicate with those who are like-minded?

Sometimes I am at a complete loss as to what we’re doing.

I mean, by all accounts, life is a phenomenon. 


Look at how much empty space there is in the universe. Look at how chaotic reality actually is. Atoms are 80% empty space, and yet here we all are. Matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration. All living things are built upon a similar template (DNA) with genetic variations.

Physicists estimate that the human collective knowledge (everything every human has ever known, combined) makes up a mere 4% of reality.

The 4% we do have, we have difficulty grasping. We fight nature at every turn.

How many people live as though they are in a dream? People seem to realize there are consequences for our actions, but we still choose inaction.

Rather than be who we are, we choose to be as we are told to be. 

The educational system is designed for one way of thinking and anyone who steps outside those lines is considered inappropriate or mentally ill.

This goes back to diversity. Genetic diversity is what allows us to keep adapting and evolving. Not everyone’s brain is wired the same. This isn’t a bad thing, it is a natural occurrence. 

When someone is depressed about the needless suffering of people caused by our way of life, they are not mentally ill. They are compassionate and know we can do better.

When people burn out from school or from work, it tends to be because they were never meant to fit into that mold.

Humans are still evolving. Our way of thinking is changing, and it is time we stopped resisting the change. 

It is time to stop rigidly sticking with outdated ideas that don’t work any longer.

Society can be happier and healthier if we all stopped jamming ourselves into molds we don’t fit into.


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