Thinking Outloud

Lately, there’s been this heaviness in me. I feel disconnected in a lot of ways.

I catch myself not listening, as someone carries on about how nothing ever goes their way. It just sounds garbled after a while.

I’ll have brief moments of clarity where there is eye contact and an intellectually playful mood with certain people. 

Beyond that, there’s just this fog.

I’m feeling like there’s this purpose I’m not fulfilling, but by continuing to reach out and just be myself, I’m on the path to actualizing my true self.

When on a journey, such that Life is, one must always be open to fellow Journeymen. 

There are people I have yet to meet and plenty of things to do.

I’ve been wondering, how do I find an apprenticeship with a great mind in the field? I think I would thrive in a position where I could use my natural philosophical inquiry to solve problems and design research. There is no shortage of folks running around with doctorates, but I need to learn from someone who has both knowledge and wisdom.

The field doesn’t much matter. I’ve been exploring the Multiple-aspect Self Framework as of late. Psychology, neuroscience, and society are my main interests. Even if there is no work to be had, maybe I could still find a mentor out in the field?

I guess I have a project to work on. Namely, figuring out what I am looking to do, and then just do it.


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