I’ve been thinking about how there’s a part of me that feels a pull toward the Cosmos. How I feel like a part of the macrocosm, but I don’t really fit in with a lot of the people I run into in my life. Sometimes I want to shed this body and go home, so to speak.

The reasons are mostly that I feel at odds with how people treat one another and themselves. It bothers me to see corruption ruling society. It bothers me to see the blatant disrespect people show for one another and themselves. I’m tired of living in this cycle of pain. The interactions I have, I want to be meaningful. 

I am grateful for the few meaningful relationships I maintain. Everything else, I am learning to let slide right off.

I digress. The point is, I shouldn’t feel like I need to be released from this place. From the macrocosmic view, this is where it’s at. Life. All of it. From genetic expression to personality, each living thing is unique. 

We’re down here gazing up at the stars, and they’re up there, gazing at us. We have that 96% of the universe to figure out, but the universe is looking at itself through the lense of Life to figure out us (itself), the 4% of reality of which we exist (in current awareness). 

Imagine looking at Life, at our existence, as something so very rare and precious in a Universe of mostly empty space.

 Imagine watching the world we know today, unfold into being, one generation at a time. Imagine witnessing evolution of trillions of species over billions of years.

Imagine seeing a species wake up to its own existence and questioning it’s role in the Universe, wondering if it’s out here all alone.

How curious it would be to see so many critters wanting more, when they don’t appreciate what they’ve already got. I imagine every planet, every species, is just some variation of one big blue print, expressing itself differently.

To be more. To understand more. To let go of the things that hurt us. I think we are all here, simply to learn more about ourselves and thus nature. Despite our every effort to destroy nature and sever ourselves from nature, we are still bound to it through the human spirit and the human condition.


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