Denying the Self

There are two main expressions of the soul: joy and sadness (technically four, with love and fear, but I’ve covered those two plenty). 

The energy pours out through our cries and our laughter. 

These expressions are a necessity of wellbeing.

For so long, I denied myself expressing sadness because my family made me feel as though there was something wrong with me.

I hid behind laughter and was always the person to break the ice or cut through tensions by kidding around.

There was a time in my life where I felt so lost and alone. My heart ached in ways I cannot describe. I even lost that joy in joking around.

I realize now, that sadness is a release from pain, not the cause of it. Denying myself the sadness is what causes suffering.

In order to live life fully, I must embrace my own state of being–and that means feeling how I feel, taking in that sadness so I can also take in that joy.

Sadness isn’t suffering. Denying sadness is suffering and denying joy is suffering.


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