Unfolding Into Being

I strip away the name, the gender, the place of birth, the color of skin, and I look for the most basic of truths.

When I take away all of the distractions, all of the stereotypes, expectations, and learned behavior which has been instilled in me through no fault of my own (socialization), there is but one rule to live by and I hold it close to my heart: 

Do not take what isn’t yours to take.

That one little rule covers everything. Don’t take a life. Don’t steal. Don’t rape. Don’t take a person’s trust (lie, take advantage of). 

That means don’t use or abuse other human beings. No slavery. No human trafficking. No abusing the work force. No exploitation. No one can take another person’s worth away.

This one simple truth of being feels right. I feel at home with it. It is a beacon which guides me through the foggiest of days and the darkest of nights.


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