If society is to change, the first thing we need to understand is our own awareness. That will enable us to find reason and understanding in how the mind works. To understand how the mind works, is to understand why we do the things we do as individuals and as society.

This is an illustration of the types of awareness people have. It is a handy tool for knowing where you’re at and how to adjust to other people’s level of awareness. I will apply it to the sociopolitical sphere as an example. This is based on my own observations.

Applied to the Sociopolitical Sphere:

I. Either / OR

These are the people who strongly support one political party and blame the opposing party for all of the bad things going on in the country. Their frustrations are focused on non-essential issues and scandals being reported in the media. They tend to be angry with their own situation in life and are easily steered by fear. They do more talking than listening, and tend to be shortsighted on our political and social issues, even unaware of the far reaching and long term effects of our current political situation. They usually mean well, but can come across as harsh and abrasive.

II. Can See Both Sides / Recognition

These are the people who affiliate with one party over the other. They tend to believe in their party, but they acknowledge the positives of the opposing party and the shortcomings of their own party. They tend to listen as well as share their thoughts on current events. However, they still get caught up on issues which are less urgent. They mean well and want what is best for people. There is still a sense of hope that things will get better if more people just vote for the right candidate.

III. Seeing the Complexity / Interconnectedness

These are the folks who are able to step back and see the big picture. They know that the social machine is broken, and has been for a long time. They are ready for real change. They know voting for the lesser of the two evils is what got us here. They know that social institutions keep us separated by race, religion, gender, orientation, things that would never have been issues if people weren’t taught that being different is bad. They acknowledge the deep roots of the corruption that is destroying our way of life. These are the agents of Change.

IV. Understanding, Balance, Unity

These are the activists who create waves. Think of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. They will do whatever it takes to see justice and equality so that we can live as One People. They inspire others to be a part of change and progress.

Knowing where you’re at will help you cope with things in life. It’ll help you to focus on what is important. And understanding the different types of awareness will allow you to communicate more effectively with others and relate on the core issues we face as a People.

If you find my tool for understanding awareness helpful, please share. The whole point is to promote understanding and progress among people.


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