The Empty Space (mental exercise)

Imagine that your body is weightless and you’re slowly drifting away from the earth. As you leave the atmosphere, the moon is getting closer and you are basking in her illumination. You feel so close to the moon, you could almost touch it–not with your hand, but with your consciousness. You are getting comfortable, the moonlight causing a warm, tingling sensation in your very being.

An even warmer sensation grabs your attention from the side. You slowly turn as you are riding the current of Earth’s gravity, and you begin to witness a sun rise in a way that was never possible before…unobstructed like a planet.

The light had started off as a hint, as a trickle, as just the tiniest glow. As your turn gains momentum, you feel the pull of the earth, a small tug from the moon (it feels like a a goodbye wave), you are flooded with the light of the sun. 

You can’t see anything other than the light, and are enveloped in it’s warmth and glory. All of your earthly worries melt away and you feel unburdened. 

Feeling free and wonderful, you let out a sigh of relief.

You hear and feel a low rumble, and wonder if that was your sigh or the universe. 

Something has changed.

Now it is dark. 

The warmth is gone.

It feels cold and empty everywhere. You feel completely alone.

You lose track of time in your aloneness.

Eternity exists in this moment.

You hear and feel that rumble of the universe again. 

You’ve been alone so long, that you are unsure if that rumble is the universe or yourself. 

All of your attention focuses on the rumble. Within the humming sound, you hear music. 

You can’t tell what that instrument is at first. Maybe it’s a harp? 

You listen more and there is a discernable rhythm. You lean in closer and can hear a brass section join in. 

The more you behold, the more you are moved. This indescribably beautiful music has come from the Nothingness and you are moved. You absorb the music and the awe of it all.

Bask in it. Take it in. 

When you are ready, you gently resume being your physical self, feeling lighter and having a better grasp on your own interpretation of reality. You are calmer. You are wiser. You are at peace with the light and the darkness in your life. You feel rejuvenated and ready to deal with the tasks at hand.


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