Lone Wolf in a Storm

Sometimes I feel pulled in so many directions, that I just freeze, because I don’t know what to do.

Sometimes, I keep adding more elements into my life and feel overwhelmed. 

As I type this out, I see that I am not frozen because I am “adding” to my life. 

Whether that is for better or worse, is to be seen. Maybe what I feel is the stillness in the eye of the storm. 

It is like watching everything from this point of safety, except I realize that I am a part of the storm.

I like the storm analogy for a few reasons. Storms can be destructive, but they also spread seeds and prune plants to thrive more. Storms can be violent and frightening, but the rolling thunder and patter of rain can lull us to sleep. 

There’s something beautiful about storms, that I can’t quite put my finger on.

I digress. I’m in the thro of something that maybe I’m just not meant to decipher right now. I feel torn, but I’m not sure from what.

Another analogy which applies to me right now is I am a lone wolf between packs. Wolves often have multiple packs through their lives in the wild and they spend time alone in between. 

I’m that wolf that feels at home in a pack for a little while, then I go off on my own again. 

Sometimes I am on my own so long, that I no longer remember if I even wanted to be part of a pack.

I’m a lone wolf in a storm.


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