Getting Unstuck

I was pondering society’s ills and began applying my own current life themes. I’ve covered love verses fear as a choice individuals must face on behalf of individual and societal needs in other posts. Let’s talk about stuckness.

From my experience, stuckness can come from many things. A person can have a belief that makes them stuck. For example, many people believe there is nothing we can do to change our circumstances. Rather than rock the boat, we get stuck in survival mode. People get caught up in the social machine, because it is easier to manage what we know than deal with the upheaval of change.

I get it, believe me. The world is an unforgiving place and we all have to look out for number one; but we don’t have to do that at the expense of other people. 

Another way we stay stuck is through distractions. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our leaders are crooks, but when you’re in yoga class or playing video games, none of that really matters. Am I right? 

And maybe you lay there at night realizing the predicament we’re in, or maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to afford that car repair you need when you just want to go to the dentist to address teeth pain that you’ve had for a month, but can’t afford that either.

Maybe you’re so exhausted from work and from keeping up appearances with your friends and family, that you just sleep it off.

Another reason many people get stuck is we focus on the past or the future instead of the present. 

Let’s be honest here: We definitely should be concerned for our future. We should definitely be angry about our past and present situation as far as politicians betraying the citizens of the USA (probably your country too, it’s rude to assume so I’ll stick with what I know).

However, if we are to be unstuck from the state of affairs, we must focus on the present. 

Look at the facts. Look at where we are. Look at how badly society is suffering. It is unethical to do nothing and say nothing. 

We are on the path of self-destruction. 

If you saw that your neighbor’s house was on fire, would you wait until your house caught fire to take action? I would hope not.

If our country was a neighborhood, politicians would be lighting houses on fire while promising to put out the fire and simultaneously blaming other people for starting the fire. 

The division that bipartisanship and the media have created fans the fire and we are just standing around in disbelief.

So how do we get unstuck? 

We stop waiting for someone else to do it. We take responsibility for ourselves.

It is the only way.


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