Purpose of Rumination

When people think of rumination, they tend to think of dwelling on the past or thinking negative thoughts. However, rumination can also be experienced as philosophical inquiry. 

I tend to “ruminate” as clinical literature refers to it. I hop on a train of thought, removing myself from the equation, and explore the patterns in human history and behavior. I look at the nature of reality, how perception is everything, and on and on. 

In clinical literature, rumination is considered an illness. It is thought to be a waste of time with nothing to show for it. I beg to differ. 

Through these thoughts, I’ve developed a sort of morality and philosophy that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’ve faced many ugly truths in my life and as I deal with my own pain, I feel compelled to heal the society which created it. 

The more I examine the patterns in human behavior throughout history, the more I understand where we are at right now as a species. 

So, to me, the way I think is a blessing. It has seen me through hard times and has helped me come out with more insight and humility. As I develop more as a human being, I want to put good into the world. 

Maybe people could benefit from a bit of rumination. 🙂


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