Layers Upon Layers

As any person who grew up in an abusive home can attest, when one zooms out and looks at the bigger picture, one can find familial patterns of abuse, which have manifested differently in each generation. People have the tendency to pass on the pain from their own abuse onto their children and into the world. 

Passing on pain is inevitable, just as it is inevitable that we also pass on joy. We can be mindful of our pain, though, and do our best to transform it into something good. 

Also to note: Just because you have been hurt, does not mean all people are out to hurt you. Living in fear is unhealthy for everyone. Fear feeds into division and division is what breaks down the individual, the family unit, and society. 

Together, we as a people can heal and make better lives for ourselves. 

Communication and authenticity, acquiring and sharing knowledge, and an agreement to move forward as one race, as one species, needs to come next. 

We are out of time. We can’t wait around for someone to save us. Our political system has failed us. Climate change is real. Resources are running out or being contaminated.  Many of our common food and drinks are slowly killing us. The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of treating symptoms, not diseases. The family unit has been all but destroyed. Our middleclass is vanishing because a few people are too greedy, and money isn’t even backed by anything physical. Currency is make believe. We might as well be paying with board game money. Our debt crisis is based on imaginary money (both tragic and hilarious if you see the ridiculousness in it all). There is a building tension and people are showing more aggression and fear than ever. 

We are living during the greatest mass extinction this earth has even seen, and I guarantee you that humans are on the endangered species list. 

If you feel inclined to save our species, like I do, let’s dialogue. It’s time to start laying out plans if humanity is to have a future. 

What is next? How do we make this better?

How do we address this apparent Stockholm Syndrome that society seems to have?

Let’s stop allowing the minority to abuse the majority. 


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