As Far As I Can Tell

As far as I can tell, most systems of government work well in theory. However, they fail in practice, due to corruption. I look back in history and I am laughing as I write this (for if I did not laugh, I would be crying right now), and I wonder, how many thousands of years must human beings live this way before we get it? How many empires must fall? Is there a magic number where the collective will decide that it’s time to take responsibility and live better?

How long will the majority accept the rule of greedy, manipulative individuals? We’ve known the system was rigged for years. There is incontrovertible evidence that the system has complete disregard for the will of the people. 

The fact that so many people are struggling financially or are struggling to have some semblance of a life outside of work, is all the proof you need that our system does not value us. It is at the root of all other inequalities and injustice in our society. 

The prison system is privately run for the most part and the majority of prisoners are there for nonviolent crimes which ought to be treated through rehabilitation. In countries where addictions and drugs are treated as a medical problem (or more accurately, a psychosocial problem), crimes and addiction rates are lower. In countries where criminals are rehabilitated instead of punished, violent crime rates are down and the return rate of prisoners is down. In the US, people profit off of the prison population. Each head earns them money from the government and they are a source of cheap labor. Imprisonment destroys people’s ability to find gainful employment and to live a normal life, thus creating a revolving door for prisoners and an endless stream of revenue for the privately owned prisons. For a select few people to get rich, families and entire communities are routinely destroyed. 

The FDA is responsible for keeping the population safe from food and drug products. Our population has never been unhealthier. Obesity, diabetes, heart attack, heart disease, depression, and chronic pain are commonplace. Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry has paid off our elected officials and bought the RNC and DNC. 

Take a look at Flint, Michigan. They didn’t have access to clean drinking water for how many months? That is a third world country issue, that should NEVER have happened in the US. 

What will it take before we demand more of ourselves and those who supposedly represent us? If they won’t look out for our best interests, don’t you think we should look out for our best interests?

How much more will we allow the minority to erode the humanity of the many?

Don’t buy into the media. They’ve been bought too and their job is to feed us opinions, not fact. They keep us divided by religion, race, and terror. They don’t tell you about the stories of people uniting in the aftermath of violence. They don’t tell you about the communities that rebuild themselves. They want you to see the world through a lens of fear so that we stay divided. 

Keeping society divided on issues that shouldn’t even be issues (can’t we all just get along? ;), makes it super easy for the minority to keep pushing their agenda through buying up our politicians and our media. 

When everyone is reading about celebrities licking hammers and getting sex reassignment surgery, no one is paying attention to bills being quietly passed–bills which help the rich get richer and screw over the rest of society. When all the attention is on Melania Trump, no one is looking at the insanity of the RNC. When everyone is looking at the corruption of the DNC, more people will see Trump as a viable option, ignoring the insanity of it all. 

My friends, you are being steered like cattle by the people who own the media and the politicians. Don’t be taken for fools. Don’t let history repeat itself. 

All inequality and injustice is maintained by the rich so that they can stay in control. Be better than this. Don’t allow fear to control your life. Don’t compromise yourself. 

We will endure and we will do better. We just have to take responsibility for the conditions in which we live and in which we subject others to. We are all in this together. 


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