Applying Insight: in Real Life

I know a few a Trump supporters, and I’d like to share my approach to understanding them. If we are to become a better society, we must understand the nature of human behavior. 

There is an underlying theme they all share: hardship and pushing through their situations. These are people who have come from difficult upbringings and certain impairments (such as dyslexia, physical limitations, etc. ). 

They tend to feel that since their needs weren’t met, that everyone should do things on their own. They feel no responsibility for their fellow man. 

A man like Trump, who is impaired with his narrow world view, is standing up like an angry child and shouting: I can do a better job! 

Trump is a good salesman of divisiveness based on fear. The fear of immigrants (even though he is married to one), even though immigration is what literally built this country. Most of us US citizens are descendants of immigrants. 

When people were pouring into the nation, there was a greater need for schools, housing,  hospitals, roads, offices, restaurants, churches, temples, places for entertainment, shops, creating jobs, creating trade, making a very good economic situation for everyone involved. 

Some people seem to forget that population growth = economic growth, IF and ONLY IF, trade is fair. This means that people are paid living wages, because their time has value just like everyone else. Yes, some skills are much more knowledge based and yes, some skills may have more value. But where would we be without cooks, servers, janitors, and delivery people? Where would we be without nursing assistants, social workers, and crisis counsellors? 

No one should be working full time and not be able to live off their wages. And certainly, no one should be earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars an hour while there are people working for them who can’t afford to feed their families. 

Trump is not the man who is going to right this pay inequality. He instead promotes fear and resentment of immigrants and Muslims to deflect from the real problem, and these people who are feeling scared and insecure, support Trump’s blathering. 

Trump, basically channels people’s insecurities, creates hype, and it energizes people for all the wrong reasons. This is sad to me, that Trump would exploit people’s insecurities in order to do things his way. 

I caution anyone who would vote for someone so morally bankrupt that he would prey on fear: he does not care about your needs. 

I also hear that he is the lesser of the two evils. While he may not be in Wall Street’s pocket like Clinton, he has his own agenda–and based on Trump’s paranoia, I’d say it is a terrible agenda and may even be detrimental to our society. 

Voting for the lesser of two evils is what got us here. 

It pains my heart so much to see Donald  Trump and Hillary Clinton as the top two picks from mainstream society. A lot of it was predetermined and also slanted by the media, but there are a lot of Hillary and Don supporters out there. 

If you acknowledge that we are on the path of self-destruction, if you acknowledge the way we exist is unsustainable, if you have any care whatsoever about anyone other than yourself… Please hold yourself and others accountable. Take responsibility. 

Do you really want one of those two candidates to run our country? The man with no ideas, or the woman who wants to be the first female president of USA–further more, the government has been out of control for far too long. 

Hold them accountable for the condition of our roads, our health care system, public education, and diplomacy. Hold them accountable for systemically deteriorating society to the point where we have lost so much. 

Terrorist organizations and mass shooters are a byproduct of our society. The problem is that society and the family unit has degraded so much, that there is an abundance of people who feel they have nothing left to lose. 

When someone grows up in a dysfunctional family, then has a hard time in school, they feel like they have no one. Then an organization comes along, preaching about change and brotherhood, and they find meaning in that. These cults and organizations prey upon the vulnerable (not unlike politics) and now suddenly people are willing to be cannon fodder for a cause that gives them meaning in their life. 

If you really want to see society evolve, there are some basic things that people like you and me can do. 

1. Have higher standards. You deserve much more than what politicians and mega corporations are willing to do. Your life has value, your time has value. Everyone should demand living wages. Everyone should demand quality education for their children and accessible quality health care. Everyone should be willing to work together to make this happen. 

2. Dialogue with people. What do they think of the circus show campaigns? How did we get here? What can we do differently? Talking is the first step to understanding why we are doing what we’re doing. We can collaborate and actually make change. 

3. Be the best version of yourself that you can. Show compassion and understanding as often as you can. And don’t forget self-care, as being around people who need to be nudged in the right direction constantly can be tiring. 

That’s really all we have to do as society.

There are some things I’d like to see our government self-correct so we can get on with co-creating a better reality:

The senate should pass term limits upon itself. No more then two consecutive terms, same as the president. This is a reasonable request, considering the quality of the work being done. 

From a utilitarian approach, lobbying should be banned. Money entering politicians’ hands costs society’s quality of life and wealth, and creates terror in the world. 

Some argue that lobbying is needed for such things as cancer research or mental illness research, as examples. This is a false assumption. In an enlightened society, we would practice prevention and research cures, and invest in better ways of living. There is no need for lobbying and it is heavily contributing to the fall of our nation. 

To summarize: We can do better than this. We need to take responsibility. We need to act with compassion rather than fear. We need to hold people accountable for their actions.  Help others to choose compassion instead of fear. And finally, we must demand change and be willing to be a part of that change. 

I have hope that there are enough people who are ready to transition to a better way of living, which is sustainable and encourages progress and prosperity. 


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