Stewards of Humanity

I’ve been struggling with depression lately. Unfortunately, I carry a sadness with me always, but I have episodes of severe depression as well. The episodes last anywhere from months to years. 

Over time, the depression leads me to feeling like there is no end in sight. And though I know that I do get through, I also know the cyclical nature of my melancholy. 

I do come out of it with more knowledge and insight, but sometimes that isn’t enough for me. I still feel this sense of meaninglessness. 

I wrote it out and I think I get it now. 

When I suffer, it is a profound sadness which shakes me to my core. I see the terrible things that have happened to me and I see the ugliness in people. 

This episode of depression has me looking at things like Donald Trump and Brexit. 

Trump is a human being, but he is the culmination of what displaced values do to people. All the things that we as a society need to fix: valuing material wealth more than the earth and its inhabitants, treating other human beings as though they are somehow worth less than you are, ignorance, insecurity, bullying, ALL OF IT…exists in this one individual who has enough money and a well known enough name, to bring out the ugliness in people. All the insecure and ignorant people rally behind him, because he is a good salesman, his pitch has sold people who otherwise might mean well in the world. 

And Brexit, what on earth is going on? As soon as the vote came in, citizens thought it gave them the right to harass non-white Britains. People who didn’t have a thing to say a week ago, are now telling people to get out of their country. How ridiculous! 

With that said, I acknowledge that it is a minority of people who are behaving like angry, scared, ill-mannered children. HOWEVER, it is up to people like you and me, to help guide those with less awareness to be constructive rather than destructive. 

Suffering is the gateway to compassion and compassion is what this world needs. Don’t be afraid of your own suffering. Embrace it and let the compassion in. That’s the point of it all: to heal. In order for society to heal, we must acknowledge the ailment. 

Those of us who understand, those of us who know suffering and healing: we are the stewards of humanity and we are all in dire need of taking action right now. 

Be the best version of yourself that you can be. That is all you have to do. And be brave. 


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