Derealization: Perceptual Changes

Since I don’t find many accounts of this online, I figured I’d describe some of my own experiences. 

Earlier today, I was doing mundane chores and going through the motions. I kept getting this waking up feeling and finding myself farther along with what I was doing, or even being in a different room. Every single time, I didn’t recognize where I was at first, asked myself if I was home, and looked around to answer yes.  

That one has more of a temporary dissociative amnesia flavor. 

A lot of the time, solid objects don’t look static to me. It’s almost as if I see them from different angles or seeing multiple versions of it, blended into one thing. 

Sometimes, the color of the curtain pulls me in and I’m seeing it in moving shapes like a kaleidoscope. 

Needless to say, I am never, ever bored. It makes my life seem almost intangible at times, like some sort of half-dream. 

This as a symptom is not bothersome to me, but it does impact my ability to interact with the outside world. I am so immersed, it’s hard to be around people because I’d rather be left to my mind. 


4 thoughts on “Derealization: Perceptual Changes

      1. Mostly when I’m driving. I will literally sometimes ask myself out loud, where the hell am I? I will lose myself on the road. Also the part about not wanting to be around other people.

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