A Walk in the Woods

Every so often, I feel the call to be outside and sometimes, I oblige. I have days when I want to drop to all fours and run like a wolf. I don’t consider that strange, at least, not strange for me. 

When I was a kid, I thought I was a werewolf. Between the vivid wolf dreams, strange body sensations, wanting to be anyone or anything that could just break free, it just made sense. 

Either, I know better, or, that bit of magic that kids often have is gone. 

I sauntered through the woods, stopping every now and then to take it all in. I’d look down paths and spot tracks, then follow the tracks. I felt like I was hunting. 

It’s hard to feel sad or anxious in the woods. 

I recommend walks in the woods as often as you feel up to them, and maybe more often than that. It’s good for the whole of a person, no matter what may ail them. 

I’ve been on the lookout for collectibles in the woods, like feathers and skulls. No luck so far, but I came across a snake eating a toad. It made an impression on me, so I snapped a picture. 

It’s good to return to the simplicity and peace of nature. It clears the clutter of every day life. 


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